CLA Licence documents

This page contains all the key documents relating to your CLA Education Licence.

Documents are separated into those relating to the terms and conditions of your licence and others which are either user guides and FAQs and are provided to help you understand the licence terms and get the most out of them. 

For general information, you might find it quicker to ask Copyright Geek and for any queries not covered there, please feel free to contact the Schools Team who will be happy to help.

CLA Education Licence

Read the CLA Education Licence Terms and Conditions

CLA Education Licence terms and conditions

The Licence is a legal document that has been signed by your Licence Coordinator on behalf of the school to acknowledge that staff and students will act in accordance with the terms.

All our current Licence documents are listed below under ’Licence terms and conditions’ and you can download any relevant one from here. 

CLA Education Licence User Guides

  • We are revising our User Guidelines and other support material, this will be posted here shortly